Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Incredible Senses of Deer

I absolutely love it when readers of the blog reach out and share stuff that is amazing.  Recently John Lewis shot me an email with one of the neatest infographics I have laid eyes on for Deer.  He offered to write up the intro and this is his guest article.  Be sure to shower the love on him in the comments section below!

 - John Lewis - Author

When hunters hunt for deer, a lot of us face the same problem; trying to outsmart them. Most of the time, hunters are able to spot one but trying to get close to it? Chances are most of the time; it will run away before we even get close to it. It’s not necessarily that their senses are better than ours; it’s just that they are different and simply much more developed than ours.

Deer have to rely on their senses in order to survive and hence, that is why they are active in focusing on their surroundings for any future attacks. How are bucks able to dodge arrows quick enough? How can whitetails smell us even from miles away? An image can speak a thousand words; Epic Wilderness has made an infographic that helps us to explore the wonders of deer’s senses.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WetWheels - Accessible Boat

As you know, we are always on the hunt for new stuff to get the handicapped, disabled or elderly back on the water and in the field.  Well, I received a tip from a reader of the blog by the name of Jeff.  He said that Cheetah Marine of the United Kingdom has a fantastic boat that is accessible.  I jumped on it like a Bass on a shad.

Courtesy of York Press
The boat is built for an organization called WetWheels in England and is a catamaran design.  The design element is important as a catamaran being a dual-hulled offers more stability on the water which is very nice for someone with accessibility needs.  What is even better is that they designed the boat so that someone can operate it from their wheelchair.  It features a video monitor for when you have it in reverse.  The entire front windshield is waterproof giving you protection with excellent visibility.

Courtesy of Earsay
What I like most of this boat is the floor space in the aft area.  This thing would give someone who likes to fish plenty of room to maneuver in a push or powered chair and still have an ice-chest or two hanging around.

With twin engines to power through fresh or salt water, this vessel is a beast.

Check out the video:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Buddy Buggy - An Off-Road Solution

Courtesy of
As always, we are on the hunt for the very best in off-road capability for the physically challenged.  How to get off the blacktop and into the bush is a quest.  Recently, I was given a tip from someone commenting on an article here on the Blog.  I followed there lead and was I ever impressed.

The BuddyBuggy is an ATV with a wheelchair lift built into the back of the vehicle.  Once inside, the person can move up and assume controls of the buggy.   Very Exciting! Each one is custom fitted to meet your needs, so the price point can fluctuate depending on your situation.  Starting price for this amazing product is $21,500 per their website and can be modified to your liking.  Check out the Specs on this all electric beauty.

The company has information for grant help and other veteran's allowances that are available. They also offer a trailer for transporting it to wherever you like to tromp in the woods, which is a nice option.

Courtesy of
The real issue for anyone in a wheelchair is getting to a blind or fishing spot and then enjoying the comfort of the chair you are accustomed to.  Most all-terrain wheelchairs are not very comfortable because they are built for durability.  So, finding a solution that will allow you to get to your hunting blind or favorite fishing spot through the bogs and over the brush but then affords you the ability to roll off and be comfortable is a big bonus in my book.