Thursday, September 15, 2016

Accessible Ground Blind - Guide Gear Deluxe

For any hunter, one of the most important tools is the base from which you hunt.  Be it a tree stand, ground blind or some mix of those two concepts.  The equation gets even more complicated when you add a wheelchair to it.  Accessibility typically comes with a larger price-tag and in some cases, a much larger price-tag.

So, what does any creative southern person do?  We build stuff out of scrap!  We came up with a pretty good box blind design that I could roll into.  It meets and exceeds all of my needs.  I love it!  So, what is the problem with it?  Well, it weighs in excess of about 750 pounds.  You wouldn't want to say it's a portable blind but it sits in one place real, real good.

Some folks go to even greater expense and mount a box stand on a trailer.  Now this does make it mobile but also adds about $750 to the price tag of the build unless you can find a throw away trailer.

Courtesy of Sportsman's Guide
So what is a person to do?  Get a Guide Gear Deluxe Ground Blind that's what!  We found this thing last January and picked one up.  Until you try stuff out, you just never really know what you are getting.  Great news, it is exactly as advertised!

It's a five hub, pop-up blind making it extremely portable.  The entire front of the blind unzips and flips up for easy accessibility.  It is spacious enough for two men and the windows are the newer style that stretches the full width of the blind in all four directions.  You can control which windows are opened or closed and how wide of a shooting gap you need. The mesh is shoot through but I never do that.  It's just too easy to move the mesh out of the way and have a clean shot.

You can pick it up for around $70 at Sportsman's Guide (price requires a membership) or on Amazon for $80.
I want to thank all of you for continuing to follow Handicapped Outdoors and for sending me sweet notes telling me how this blog has helped you in so many different ways.  Bow season starts October 1st for us and, as you can imagine, we are feverishly getting ready for that.  I will post a few more articles in late October running up to Thanksgiving before shutting down for some quality time with my family over the Holidays.

If you see something you would like for me to write about, please shoot me an email at - Thanks!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Deer 365 - A New Benchmark in Supplements and Attractants

The deer season is fast approaching with the fall equinox in just a couple of weeks.  With the equinox, comes cooler temperatures and the ramp up to the rut.  Bow season begins October 1st here in northwest Louisiana and we have been working feverishly to get ready for it.

"Bug-Eye" Before Deer 365
In the rush to success, we have stumbled onto a new product that has outperformed everything we have ever tried in attracting deer.  What is even better is that it is an attractant that is also loaded with the stuff deer need regardless of the time of year.  So, even I can't mess it up, which is truly a miracle.
It's called Deer 365 and is made just north of us in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.  It is a proprietary blend of many crucial nutritional elements for deer development, antler growth and weight gain throughout the entire year.  After pouring it out at my fall ground blind at the desired distance, we set a Plotwatcher Pro trail cam that takes time lapse pictures throughout the day and the results were mind boggling.

"Bug-Eye" After Deer 3
We literally had deer everyday visiting the site to partake of this stuff.  Three young bucks in a bachelor group made 3 separate trips in one day and remained on the site for as much as 45 minutes in one visit.
The only regret we have had with this product is that we didn't begin using it in March or April!
So, what is in this stuff that makes it so great? Glad you asked.  A breakdown of Deer 365 from their website reveals that is a mix of these elements:
So, on top of all of this incredible information what if I told you that this revolutionary supplement is also Raccoon proof and water resistant?  Raccoons don't like it while the deer absolutely love it.

A storm? No problem, it's weather proof.  Deer love rice-bran but if it gets wet, the game is over.  Not Deer 365, it caps over in rain and either you or the deer simply kicks it back to life.  As you know, Louisiana has been getting a lot of rain.  Our trail cam pics revealed the deer showing up after each rain shower and grubbing in this stuff.

As if all of this wasn't enough, the good people of Deer 365 love Jesus.  Help support them not only in the cause for great quality deer management but also in the cause of Christ!

It's a no-brainer!  Contact Geno Banks or find a dealer near you and see the results for yourself!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shore-S-EZ - A Solution for the Handicapped Boater

For disabled people, boating can be the Mt. Everest of the outdoor world.  Water and flotation are not the most stable of platforms when attempting to transfer someone in a power chair, manual chair or even someone who just needs assistance.

The solutions are usually very pricey.  Lifts, whether from the dock or the boat, can prove costly and sometimes difficult to operate smoothly.  Most people begin looking at options with adding accessibility to their boat itself.  But again, the dollars needed can overwhelm someone who just wants to get themselves or their loved-one back on the water.

I have some very good news.  Recently, I was contacted by Bob Dishon from EZ Designs.  He manufactures a ramping mechanism that can be added to many pontoon style boats to make them accessible.   The Shore-S-EZ comes in a kit and can be added by your dealer or by any good ole do-it-yourselfer.

I asked Bob where the inspiration came from. He told me that in 2007 his grandson was hurt in an accident at the tender age of 3.  At first, Bob just bought a pontoon boat in 2010 as many of them are already friendly to disabled people in wheelchairs. But as the child has grown into a young man, a new solution was necessary.  As he grew in size, it became more and more difficult to get him on and off the boat.

Bob entered his shop determined to come up with a solution and wow, did he have a stroke of genius.

The Shore-S-EZ is a 32" wide ramp that can extend out to 5 feet.  it can be raised to about 25 degrees or lowered to around 33 degrees of angle (more on this in a minute).  It is powered by an electric motor and all the of the parts are water resistant.  The micro switches that control the ramp are waterproof which is really nice (not salt-water friendly).

The angles this thing can achieve are really amazing particularly the 33 degrees of lowering which will put the ramp below the level of the water's surface.  That's right, now you can help someone slide into the water to ride that cool new pull thingy. And when they're done, lower the ramp again and help them slide back up to deck level.  Pretty neat!

This thing can be great for the able bodied camper or hunter also.  Ever had a good bit of gear that you are trying to lug on and off a boat on some remote camping site or hunting spot?  Not a problem, the ramp makes this rather easy.  Need to load that 500 pound Elk on the bank of a lake or river?  Lower the ramp and give it a tug with a winch...done!

I asked Bob the big question - How much for this glorious piece of freedom?  At the time of this writing, the price point is only $4,750. For an additional $250 you can add a ramp with a toe-kick that will help flatten out the transition from Terra Firma to the boat.

The great news is that Bob is very determined to keep this below the $5,000 thresh-hold.

He also mentioned a couple of things to keep in mind:

1.  Shipping - The ramp kit weighs about 180 lbs.  Shipping will vary based on your location from their shop in Kalispell, Montana.  It takes about 3 weeks to craft your ramp and ship it out.

2.  Limitations - Each ramp is hand crafted and needs to match specific measurements on your pontoon.  The triple pontoon boats that are becoming popular cannot be fitted as the third pontoon is placed precisely in the gap between the two outer pontoons where the ramp needs to be attached.

Check out their Facebook page and as I said before, I think this is a stroke of genius.  Thanks Bob for overcoming the difficulties your grandson faces.  A family that fish's together stays together.  All the best to you and yours champion!