Monday, September 1, 2014

Shooting System for the Disabled Hunter

Handicapped Outdoors

Jeff Malloy
Jeff Malloy before accident
Jeff Malloy was working on his house in 2004 as a young man of 24 years old when his accident took place.  The avid outdoorsmen was standing on a ladder when in one tragic moment, he became a quadriplegic with a C3/C4 injury.  As anyone can imagine learning to deal with life in a wheelchair is brave enough, but after 5 years of being removed from his passion of hunting, Jeff determined in his heart to get back out there in 2009.

He started by going back to college to learn engineering (wow right?) so he could design things on an CAD software.
 Ok, a quick side-bar here -  Just for Jeff to do this part of his story is enough to make anyone want to stand up and applaud the guy.  Engineering isn't exactly the program for the faint of heart.  However, when you want to do something bad enough, is there really any obstacles that can stop you, him or me?
Jeff Malloy
Jeff Malloy after accident
Back to the story, He and his friend Ray Kimball collaborated to create a shooting system that he could use.  So, they began searching to see what was already out there.

The good news was that there was a shooting system already created called the SR-77 for a quadriplegic to use.  The bad news is that Bob Bowen, the owner and maker, had packed it in and closed production of the SR-77 platform.

I have noticed in life that this is usually that pivotal moment that separates the winners and the not so fortunate.  Lesser people hit a wall and quit.  Jeff is a champion and quitting was never an option!  So what does a winner do?  He goes straight to the source!  He contacted Mr. Bowen directly and asked for permission to use the SR-77 as the base design for his new shooting system to which Bob graciously agreed.

Equalizer Shooting System
Equalizer Shooting System
So what started out as a personal mission, quickly became something much, much greater.  They took the old SR-77 design and transformed it from a Subaru to a Cadillac.  Once a prototype was finished, Jeff and Ray knew they couldn't withhold this new system from other hunters who had suffered injuries that it could help.  So the Equalizer Shooting System was born. It has a flat black anodized finish along with over 60 custom machined parts. All these things combined make this system very durable, reliable and user friendly.  If anything does happen to break down, all of the parts are replaceable.  There are also many different options available for customization including Sip-and-Puff shooting for those who require it.

The next generation of the Equalizer Shooting System happened when it was combined with an iPhone application called the iScope.  This application allows you to use the camera on your phone to look through the scope and give you greater accuracy.  It also allows a hunter to record their hunts which is incredible.  It is made to fit both iPhone and Android smart phones.

Jeff admitted to me that he actually doesn't make much profit on the platform as the majority of the cost goes into the building of the application itself.  So, not only is he brave and smart but he is also un-selfish.

Here is a video of the system in action:

Jeff Malloy, I salute you amigo. May you have an epic 2014 hunting season and thanks for your contribution to all of us who are mobility impaired to place the cross-hairs on not just an animal, but the memory of a life-time!

- Scott Anderson