Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Deer Calls for the Disabled or Handicapped

Whitetail Hunting Calls
Whitetail Hunting Calls
Depending on your limitations, making the right calls at the right time can be a difficult task.  A sound can prove very powerful to get a deer's attention and move them closer to you for the shot. In my situation, I have lost facial muscles that will not allow me to pucker or purse my lips to make a decent call. Fortunately, technology has made this much easier.

Whether your an iPhone or Android user matters not.  In both of their stores are many different call makers that you can download for free or pay for.  After downloading 4-5 different apps and testing them, I settled on Whitetail Hunting Calls for my Galaxy S3.  With the volume turned up, it is loud enough to get the right response.  It is also available in iTunes store Click Here.

It is a simple and straightforward app to use.  Each call is defined and gives you exactly what it says.  I would encourage you to either research the best times to use each call or ask someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject.

One final note on the subject of calls, make sure that it is legal to use calls in your area.  No one wants the uncomfortable visit from Mr. Game-Warden and the very pricey fine that comes along with his presence.

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