Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Underwater Wheelchair - No Limits

This weeks article features a break from the norm which I like from time to time.  A friend and fan of the Blog shot me a link to this amazing woman who has a self-propelled wheelchair that functions underwater...mind-boggling!!!

Sue Austin
Sue Austin
Welcome to center stage, Sue Austin.  She is a performance artist in the United Kingdom and loves to scuba.  She has created a movement of sorts called "Freewheeling" that is in a word - AWESOME!  Refusing to simply accept the label "disabled" she strives to integrate the disabled world with the able-bodied and erode the differences...Bravo!  To check out more on her initiative Click Here.

Now to the fun stuff.  She has taken a basic push chair and paired it with a propulsion system and two large Plexiglas wings which she manipulates with her feet and quite literally flies through the water.  Add the scuba tanks and she is off and swimming at her leisure.
Under Water Wheelchair
Under Water Wheelchair

For years I have dreamed of things like this.  I love Cozumel and with 200 feet visibility you do not exactly want to be tethered to someone else.  Safety is an issue for me as I could easily wind up in South America or Texas depending on the currents.  So, a chair like this would just be amazing.

Sue Austin Freewheelin
Thanks Sue for not stopping on your passions and for having the guts to advance and overcome.  Hopefully in the future we can get the exact specs on the chair out to you guys on how to pick one up.

The Word of God says that "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."  I like the fact that this woman has done something.  She didn't sit around and wait for it.  She got off her but (pun intended) and made up her mind that she was not willing to give up something she loves.  You can tell by the photos that the experience is simply thrilling for her.  And she compels all of us to go for it.  Whatever is in your heart - chase it!

She is sharpening us.  The next question is what about you?


  1. Looks amazing, I want to try that! :)

    1. I know right? If you get it figured out on how to make one, let me know. I will blow it up here on my blog!