Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I want to start off by giving thanks to all of you for following this blog since it's inception in June.  We embarked into the big world of the disabled outdoors.  The adventures have been great and I am excited about the prospects of the future.  Thanks be to God for placing inside of my heart a passion for hunting, fishing and travel.  I am most alive when in pursuit of one or all three of these endeavors.  It thrills my heart to share my experiences with you and hopefully pass along some good tips and knowledge for your success in the outdoors as well.  I want to thank my incredible wife and amazing son for giving me the freedom to chase adventure from early in the morning to well after dark in some cases so that I can deliver from actual experiences this blog to you the readers.  They have given and contributed to this endeavor just as much if not more than I.

Secondly, I want to wish each of you and your families a Merry Christmas.  I know where I came from in my life and where I am today.  The difference between those two points has and always will be Jesus.  He is the answer to all that ails me.  He completes the greatest desires of my heart.  He is the loving Father I always wanted.  If no one has ever told you, then let me enlighten you, you are His favorite son or daughter too!  He is the true gift of Christmas.

Lastly, 2015 is upon us.  As we close out 2014, I hope that you give it your all.  That you check some things off the list and move them from the "To Do" to the "To Done" side of the paper.  2014 has been a year of firsts for me.  I have never written professionally nor had I ever killed a deer until 2014.  I am so excited for the coming year and all that God has in store for all of us.  Ahh the stories we will be able to tell and share this time next year.  I want to encourage you to set some goals.  Work hard at achieving them.  We hope to sign four sponsors in 2015 to Handicapped Outdoors and add a small team of writing contributors.  We also hope to begin to market solutions for handicapped/disabled outdoors men and women in my store -  If you would be interested in being a sponsor, a producer or manufacturer, please shoot me an email and we will be in touch.

New Years
This is the final blog for 2014.  I will be spending the rest of the year with my family and recharging my soul.  There is also a large antlered deer that needs my attention, LOL!  I will be back in January with some fresh articles in the arena of travel and fishing will be here before you know it.  Be blessed.  Spend time with your loved ones.  Get out there!  It's not called the great outdoors for nothing you know?

- Scott Anderson

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Give The Real Heroes Their Due!

Give The Real Heroes Their Due!

To my father, many of my uncles, cousins, former students and countless others who served this nation willingly so that we have the freedom to pursue our dreams and passions, we stand and applaud you on Veterans Day.  May your sacrifice always be given the glory it is due and never be forgotten by future generations!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Fishing Feast

Fall Fishing Feast
Fall is a wonderful time of the year.  As the relentless heat of summer turns to the crisp morning chill of autumn, we never want to forget the rod and reel in all the excitement of hunting season.  Fall can be one of the easiest fishing seasons all year and I want to give you a few tips to get the most out of your shortened Saturdays due to the decrease in the length of days.

What is the magic water temperature?  As soon as the water begins to cool, the fish will become more active with vicious strikes on the surface as well as hitting crank-baits, jerk-baits, swim-jigs, soft plastic swim-baits, etc.  However, the giants like it when the water temperature hits 50 and below.  Target flats that range between 3-6 feet or look for the big patch of water with shad rippling the surface.

Gizzard Shad
Gizzard Shad
What do I throw to catch them?  The fall is when the shad begin to school up.  You will find bass exploding on balls of shad and you can fish for them in a number of ways.  This is super fast fishing at it''s finest.  Basically, anything that looks like a shad is a good choice.  Erratic action will trigger strikes regardless of depth but keep in mind monster fish typically prefer to hold in the deeper sections of flats.

Any last tidbits?  Absolutely!  Don't be afraid to experiment.  This is an easy time of the year to get bit so try the weird or ridiculous bait to fine-tune your methods.  Also be mindful of weather systems that are moving in and out.  By timing your fishing excursion to the afternoon a front comes in, you can really catch some of the biggest fish of your life.

Water running off in a lake
Ok, my last tidbit and man is this a doozy.  Look for running water that is coming into a lake or pond after a heavy rain.  I once fished a golf pond that had a large lake to store water that would be pumped and sprinkled over the golf course.  They fed that lake by pumping water into it from spring-fed ponds that were located all over their property.  Standing in one spot with anything shad'ish, I could catch 10-20 bass in an afternoon.  Some of those went as large as 5 lbs or more.  They would lay in that current like slabs of lumber and man was it fun!