Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Last Week of Bow Season

Scott Anderson
Ok, I really wanted to write an article this week but one must keep their priorities in order LOL!  I am in the woods still chasing down that monster buck.  Season ends January 31st.  I will be back with the article on Wheelin' Sportsmen next Wednesday.

This deer season has been a blast and will be missed.  However, sadness that the season is over will last for all of about 15 minutes knowing that the upcoming spawn season for large-mouth bass is approaching in about 5 weeks.

Additionally, there is much to do to be ready for deer season next year.  I will be writing from time to time on this very subject throughout the year.  Much to learn, much to do, much to accomplish!

Onward folks!  Post your pics please from your successful hunts this past season on the Facebook page.  I look forward to seeing and celebrating with you!

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