Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Is In The Rain, Not The Air

Happy Valentines week! I love my readers and wish I could send a valentine to each of you.  Hey, I just did. Ok, enough of the gushy stuff right?

February is the month when fishermen start to feel their casting hands beginning to twitch.  Deer season has ended and although the cold of winter is still biting, the first invasions of spring are also being felt.  Those glorious few days when the air temperature reaches into the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s is a good clue that true change is on the horizon.  Please stop listening to the large rodent in Pennsylvania that hasn’t viewed his shadow since Julius Caesar was a corporal in the Roman army and look to the weather as to when spring will burst forth in all of its beauty!

Although those first days of nice temperatures are marvelous, air temperature is not what makes the bass begin to think romantically.  Nothing warms water like…water.  Rain is what really gets them in the mood.  As weather systems move across the continent, they sweep warm moist air out ahead of the cold front.  The rain that these systems produce can warm a body of water much faster than air temperature alone.  As the water warms to 55-65 degrees the bass will move shallow and begin spawning.

Why does it seem that certain spots on a lake get really good quicker than others?  It’s based on their location in relation to the wind and sun.  Their location does two things that give these spots a leg up on the rest of a lake.  South-westerly winds are typically warmer and will aid in warming these areas quicker.  Additionally, the sun’s angle in the sky puts the warmest portion of the day on the north and eastern sides of a lake. This allows these areas to produce catchable large females first.    Fish in these areas can be aggressive in February hitting spinner-baits and swim jigs.  I have even caught fish in certain years spawning as early as the first half of March here in Louisiana when the weather permits it.

The good news is that all of the fish do not spawn at the same time on a lake.  In review, target north and eastern spots from early to mid-spawn then focus on more south and western sides of the lake from mid to late-spawn.  All of this is very dependent on the weather you are experiencing in your area.  Again, stop listening to the varmint.  Punxsutawney Phil is lucky he doesn't live here in Louisiana…we would just eat him!

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