Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pig-Out Deer Feeder

Wheel-Chair Snow Board
Wheel-Chair Snow Boarding - New Olympic sport!
Yes, we get do get snow from time to time in Louisiana and strangely most always in February.  Usually that is preceded or followed by a visit into spring which I am eager for.  It's late winter and as spring approaches, deer management should always be in the back of our minds.  All of those shows on television showing pro hunters taking massive deer do not just leap into creation.  They are meticulously designed and and thought out. If you are going to grow a deer herd with spectacular antlers, then it is time to begin plotting out what supplements the deer will need and how to deliver it to them.

By now, the majority of deer have or are in the process of shedding their antlers.  Bucks go through a sort of puberty every year.  Instead of a cracking voice and a need for a Dermatologist, it's all about their antlers.  No sooner do they shed these majestic bone growths than their bodies begin preparing for the next set to begin their growth.  Bar none, this is the greatest time of the year that you can aid and control in the development of true trophies.  So it should not be dismissed.

Mature Deer
Mature Buck at maximum genetic potential
Deer need certain minerals that a block placed on the ground can provide.  Even more important is the need for protein.  Not only will this aid bucks in antler growth but it will also help does carry the fawns successfully and allow for good lactation to feed in later months.  The problem is that mineral blocks which are necessary are open to the elements and anything else that might want to take a lick or two. Additionally, hunters get tired of feeding high priced protein pellet to pigs and raccoons.  Hogs have even been known to destroy high priced casting feeders leaving you to not only replace the pellets but the feeder too.

Pig-Out Deer Feeder
The boys at Big Rack Innovations have come up with a genius solution.  The Pig-Out Deer Feeder is a gravity style feeder that keeps the varmints out.  The back of the feeder is designed to be placed either on a t-post or strapped to a tree at deer height making it impossible for wild pigs to steal your feed.  To overcome the raccoon and squirrel issue, the lid has been fitted with a push-pin so that those incredibly smart critters can't intrude on the gold inside as well.  The slick sided barrel of the feeder deters even the most athletic varmint.

Pig-Out Deer Feeder
The Regular Size hold 40lbs of pellets or corn and is reasonably priced at $49.99.  Do you ever get tired of having to go back every other week to refill the feeder?  Cha-Ching! The Extra-Large sized feeder holds 100lbs and only has to be refilled about once a month depending on your herd size.  The price of the XL Feeder is $89.99 which is a very nice price point on that as well.  If you purchase the Extra-Large, Big-Rack Innovations will ship it to you free of charge.

Reasonably priced and getting the job done!  Now that is two things I like to see.  You can pick yours up in the store or just click on the links in the paragraph above.

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