Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Off-Road Adaptive Transportation

The fact is this topic never gets old because the options available to conquer the conundrum are limited.  Previously on this topic, I did an article on tracked wheel chairs and although they are great options there are serious limitations as to what they can achieve.  Whether it is limited range on the batteries in an electric model, overall cost for a gas powered style or the lack of comfort because it doesn't feel like your normal chair, the limitations are there and are very real.

So, here we are staring at the Mt. Everest of mobility limitation.  There is a real need for an all terrain vehicle that is at a reasonable price and also delivers the range someone would want when going off-roading.  If I could wave my magic wand and complete that punch-list, would you be interested…even just a little?  I am certain your answer is - YEEEEESSSSSSS!

John Kazanchy
John Kazanchy
Let me introduce you to ORAV Mobility and one Mr. John Kazanchy.  After spending 20 plus years in Atlanta, GA doing vehicle modification on vans and cars and then another 13 years on product development while being an expert witness in liability lawsuits involving vehicle modification, John relocated to Canon City, CO.  In the beautiful vistas of the Colorado Rockies, he could not escape his life’s work.  Like a mad scientist who can never truly be done inventing, his history with modification began to inspire him to tinker with adapting ATV’s for the handicapped and disabled.

ORAV Mobility
In all of the efforts attempted to climb the colossal mountain that is off-road access for the mobility impaired, John’s team has produced the very best option I have seen as of yet.  They take Kawasaki Mules (4 seat) and Polaris Rangers (4 seat) and adapt them so that people in a chair can get behind the wheel.  John started with a generic ramp system.  After speaking with some former contacts from Braun ramps and lifts, a deal is in the works to put their trusted ramps in these wonderful machines.  His keen eye from years of doing vehicle modification also noticed that both Kawasaki and Polaris wasted enough space for him to drop the floor to fit someone in a wheelchair without giving up any ground clearance…amazing!

ORAV Mobility
I asked him what precipitated him focusing on these ATV’s.  John was passionate in his response that in his mind’s eye, he could see the adventurer, rancher, hunter, fisherman, etc. that wants to get back out there but also have the comfort of their own chair.  The Mule and Ranger are true work horses and are very dependable. Both are powerful and have the small cargo bed in the rear where you can take essential gear with you.  Lastly, and to me one of the more important points he made was that these vehicles give you the joy of having others with you.  The rear seat never comes out because it covers the engine.  All other off road options for the handicapped and disabled are solo solutions. Now you can drive your wife, buddy, son, daughter or grandchild around and explore together – AWESOME!

ORAV Mobility
What is the difference between the Mule and Ranger?  Put simply, space!  Every effort will be made to accommodate every chair.  However, space is the key.  John takes your chair’s dimensions and tells you which ATV will work best.  While the Mule can easily be modified to fit most all push chairs and even most mid-wheel electric chairs, the Polaris actually has more length in the seating area and allows for almost all wheelchairs to be accommodated.  Be graceful and patient.  John and his team are developing new technologies to better fit chairs all the time.  In the event yours may not fit this week, next week it might!

Right about now you are likely asking, “How do I get one?”  John has a dealer in Canon City, CO. You can purchase the ATV through the dealer and ORAV Mobility then does the modification.  After the mod is complete, they ship the finished product to you.  At first thought, I figured the shipping would be very high.  I was surprised to find out that he just recently shipped one to Wisconsin from Colorado for just under $800.

So, what if I already own one or I can get one cheap that is used and I want it modified?  That’s cool.  You simply have to have it shipped to them so they can modify it.  If you inquire about a used one with John, he may be able to locate one for you.  Just figure that your shipping costs will be double, as it will ship twice.

ORAV Mobility
What is the price of the modification?  I think you are going to be surprised that it is relatively inexpensive especially if you were to price compare this modification with a gas powered tracked chair in comparison.   The price is $8,475 and includes: all structural modifications to the vehicle floor and roll bar support, flip up/down driver’s seat, hand control, one strap style manually operated wheelchair restraint, and ramp system. ATV is not included in the price of the modification.  Additional features, special accommodations and shipping are also extra.

John was gracious in giving us a discount code when you call for an additional 10% off the cost of the modification.  Be sure to use it when you call.  The code = HANDICAPPEDOUTDOORS.


  1. Do you have contact information to discuss cost/estimates for a Quad patient we would like for him to be able to be a passenger with similar tie down restraints as they put into modified handicap vans?

    1. ORAV Mobility
      1325 Field Avenue, CaƱon City, CO, United States

      Phone: +1.7194312286

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