Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trucks For The Mobility Impaired

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, there are about 12,000 new spinal injuries each year.  Add to that the number of young men and women who are injured on the battlefield and the unexpected diagnosis of a debilitating disease by the average American and you can imagine that the demand for a good driving solution is tantamount to an ever-increasing population of people.

Aww man, stuck again?
For years the only answer for anyone was one step above the family station-wagon.  That's right, the minivan!  Nothing says OUTDOORS like the clean lines of a soccer-mom-mobile (the SMM) huh?

To most men, this is akin to being neutered.  Not only have we lost the ability to walk and do things normally, but it feels like we also hand over our "Man-Card" when we are forced to drive the SMM.

Steve Kitchin
Steve Kitchin
Fortunately, a fellow disabled outdoorsmen was also fed up with the options of vehicles and decided to think outside the box.  Steve Kitchin, with the help of a friend who is an engineer, designed the first and original mobility truck. In 2007, he introduced it to the market place and changed the game forever.  Goshichi trucks revolutionized the field of driving mobility.  Finally, a man could get his "Man-Card" back and drive something that had power and ground clearance.  Something that could go into the outdoors and back without dragging the entire forest back home under the body of the SMM (no exaggerations, my van has done it!)

Now the world can be a fickle and nasty place, especially when money is involved.  Somehow, Steve Kitchin found himself on the outside of his own invention.  Another company stepped in and bought it out.  But, did that stop a determined man?  Not a chance!  In life, it is out of our worst moments that sometimes our brightest futures can be birthed.  No hard feelings, just move forward!

All Terrain Conversions
ATC's Gull Wing and Hydraulic Lift
You see, the original design was all electric.  It was a very heavy drain on the battery.  It was exhaustingly slow and had a lot of room for improvement.  So, Steve and his team went back to the drawing board and began a new company with a vastly improved product.  Out of the upheaval, came All Terrain Conversions  LLC, better known as ATC. They used a redesigned hydraulic lift instead of the all electric one.  Not only was it less taxing on the battery, but it also provided more lifting power.  The gull wing design is fast and gives you some cover when the weather isn't cooperating.  They are constantly researching to make the design even quicker and more dependable than ever.  I like a team that doesn't settle for the average and ordinary.

ATC strives to convert any and all trucks as well as some SUV's but understand this, everything is dependent on your chair and the amount of room your vehicle of choice has.  ATC can convert Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks quickly.  Once it is in the queue, it typically takes around six weeks to complete the conversion.  It is a great idea to contact them with the specific specs of your wheelchair and what type of non Chevy/GMC truck or suburban you would like converted in advance to determine feasibility.

For a complete list of Chevrolet and GMC makes and models, Click Here.

One other tidbit that was of high importance was the type of hand controls available with ATC's conversion.  The answer - any and all.  Even the fully computerized EMC style of hand controls can be fitted for these trucks.

So, there it is.  It's time to trade in the SMM.  Go get your "Man-Card" back!  Get Out There!


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