Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keys to Pond Fishing for the Wheelchaired Angler

Farm Pond
The Farm Pond
Welcome to summer!  The entire nation has warmed up and most outdoorsmen are looking to have some fun catching some bass at their favorite pond.  The real trick is knowing how to fish these incredibly productive waters and today's article will tackle some of the keys to accomplishing this favorite summer ritual.

How many rods do I need?  Everyone has watched the pro fisherman standing on their gigantic casting decks with no less than 10 rods at the ready.  I have great news.  You really only need 2 rods to cover almost every situation you may face in at a pond.

Ir's a snap not a swivel
I use the same type of medium action rod and reel combo but rigged very differently.  On one rod, I am going to tie a snap so that I can change out baits quickly.  On the other rod, I like to always have some type of soft plastic tied on whether it be a fluke type swim bait or a plastic worm.  With these two basic set ups, I can quickly switch if the situation calls.  For more on rod selection Click Here.

How quiet should I be?  Fish have a lateral line on the sides of their bodies that are very sensitive to vibration.  Before I move down a bank, I am sure to fish in the direction I am about travel.  Once, I have fished it, I then move slowly in my wheelchair.  I am careful to be watching for any fish they may sense my movement that could be laying close to the bank.  After watching monster fish swim away, you will learn to be patient and move slow.

One key point to remember when fishing a pond is that feeding fish are always moving.  I have sat in one spot and watched three different fish weighing in excess of 4lbs swim right by me.  Because I had not moved, they came to me.  All to often with a good cast out in front of these cruising fish, I catch them.

One last thought on movement.  I like to wear a shirt that matches the sky on that particular day.  If it's cloudy I like to wear white or grey.  If I am dodging trees, I like to wear green or camo.  Bass have very good eyesight and every little edge helps.

Courtesy of Mike Long
Courtesy of Mike Long
What type of cover should I key on?  Bass are cover-centric animals.  As the water warms and the summer gets hot, they are going to find shade.  Shade for a bass does provide some relief from the hot sun but more importantly gives them the ability to hunt with stealth.  Shade can be anything from a dock, to grass, to lily pads.  I once caught 6 fish from under one dock in about 15 minutes.  It was around 98 degrees that day.  When fishing a pier or dock, be sure to make many casts to it before getting on it.  Fallen natural trees or submerged Christmas trees are golden!

Courtesy of Mike Long
Courtesy of Mike Long
If a pond doesn't have shallow cover, Bass will look for the deepest water near a flat that holds bait fish.  "Deep" is one of those words that depends on who is talking.  To a fish, just a 2-3 foot depth change can be drastic.  Especially since most ponds are rarely deeper than 8-12 feet.  Sometimes an entry ditch or creek that is just a few feet or even inches deeper can be all the depth change necessary to hold fish.

What types of baits should I use?  Any bait I have used in a lake, I will throw in a pond with the exception of a deep diving crank bait.  I like to use shallow running square billed crank baits when pond fishing because they come through wood type cover better without getting hung up as bad.

Having said that, if you go fishing with me, you will see a few things more often than others.  My go-to pond baits are as follows:

Zoom Fluke in Glimmer Blue
Rebel Wee-Crawfish and Teeny-Crawfish
Bomber Mini-Whacker Spinnerbait - Black and Chartreuse
Beetlspin - Chartreuse or Crawfish pattern
Plastic Crawfish or worm on a Gamakatsu Finesse Worm Hook
Tiny Torpedo - Clear or Frog pattern
Floating Frog - Black
Black and Blue Swim Jig or Chatterbait
Rattlin Rogue - Gold with Clown Eyes


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