Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gadget Month – M-POW-R REEL

The most popular article ever written on this blog was about electric fishing reels.  I have some great news…a new electric reel has emerged onto the scene.

Al Lindner
Al Lindner
So, imagine that a dentist gets to work in the mouths of the likes of Al Lindner, Dan Sura, Dave Csanda and Jeff Zernov.  These guys are all legends in the northern part of the country.

This same dentist also has a son with cerebral palsy that makes one hand and arm virtually unusable.  The dentist’s son, Nathan, loves to fish and the dentist has access to true giants in the fishing industry.

Ideas were dreamed, discussions were had, and designs ensued.  Boo-Yah - The M-POW-R reel was brought to reality.  It is the brain-child of THE dentist - Dr. Roland “Doc” Kehr.  The problem was met with a solution that would enable Nathan to cast and reel with his one very good arm and hand.  Don’t you just love it when people overcome adversity?  So, do I!

M-POW-R reel
The reel is being featured in Bassmasters iCast 2015 and will likely be a game changer in the world of electric reels.  Visiting with “Doc” Kehr about the reel was incredible.  I could tell immediately that he has a passion to advance the world of disabled sports and outdoors.  To give some perspective, at the writing of this article there are approximately 35,000,000 individuals with some sort of disability to one of their arms or hands whether by disease, military service or old age.  Doc mentioned that a quadriplegic is using the reel currently – WOW!

M-POW-R reel
The reel is offered in two formats based on your preference.  The first is the NK-100 which is a rod and reel combo with the reel button built into the rod.  The bail also has an extra large trigger on it which would prove helpful in casting with one hand.

The second type is called the NK-100PH and features the same reel as the standard 100 model except the power harness attaches to just about any spinning rod and can even be mounted on a fly rod.  This gives the angler their choice as to what type of rod they may want to use or switch the reel to.

Ok, so we have the concept, how is the durability of this reel?  The reel itself is built by D.A.M. Quick reels.  It’s great German engineering with a company that has been around since 1875.  Doc was a co-owner of Little Joe Tackle Company and had the knowledge to select a reel that could match the demand.  All day usage is typical on a single battery.  It had no problem in an all day rain while testing and caught about 300 fish on that weekend.  It is designed to tackle anything in the fresh water environment.  Being from up north they have to handle large Smallmouth, Pike, Walleye and Muskie.  Doc was confident that inshore salt water fishing is also very do-able with this reel so long as precautions were taken to protect the motors from the salt water environment (standard for any electric reel).

You can pick yours up at:  M-Pow-R Reel

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