Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Swincar Spider Electric

Every so often, I come to this article completely geeked-up, out-of-my-mind excited about a product, a gadget or new off-road vehicle.  So, you can imagine that if I could combine all three of those categories, I would be almost in orbit, right?  It's true, I am writing this from space!

The Swincar Spider Electric is a complete re-think of all-terrain mobility.  With independently working "legs" which have independently motorized wheels, this chair transcends anything I have ever seen in the electric cart, chair, scooter arena for off-road functionality.  The seat remains vertical to the ground by its swinging design giving the rider much greater control and less worries of tipping or flipping.  Check the video below:

At the time of the writing of this article, three models are offered with the only real difference being the output of the motors.  According to their website, Swincar is in the process of producing a two-seated version and also one with a joy-stick control for the mobility impaired.

The chair has a listed battery life of about 4 hours of non-stop action.  I am certain that this time frame is a variable depending on driver body weight coupled with the type of terrain.  For example, I wouldn't be shocked if the batteries would not last as long if you ran this hard at the beach or in muddy conditions.

Prices were not included on their website and there seems to be an application process.  Sorry, Google translate can only do so much - Oui?

But, I can definitely see this as something comparable for the mobility impaired to the QuietKat for able bodied hunters.  Both are electric and quiet.  Both can handle tough terrain with the Swincar handling super tough terrain probably better than it it's 3-wheeled competitor.

Thanks to the French for Croissants, Begneits (pronounced:  Ben-yays) and Swincar!

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