Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Suburban Deer Hunting 101

Cars, swing sets, groomed lawns with manicured landscaping are just a few of the things you will encounter when stalking the suburbs for your next trophy buck.  As cities sprawl out and encounter deer habitat, more and more bow and crossbow hunters have stopped driving long distances to hunt.  Instead, they take to their backyards or the end of their street.

 This type of hunting has become a bigger and brighter blip on my radar as a disabled outdoorsman.  Imagine bagging a trophy deer 5 minutes from your house while not having to go off-roading in your wheelchair to do it.  We are not talking small at all.  These guys are typically less pressured and get the time to grow into their potential.  Cha-ching…I’m in!

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.  What are the secrets to tagging a backyard bruiser?

The first offensive play is to just be a good listener.  Many people love to brag about seeing deer in and around their neighborhoods.  Postal workers are driving everyday and can be a wealth of information on where they see deer frequently and can help you locate possible travel corridors.  In other words, learn to ask the right questions that do not tip your hand that you intend to harvest an animal that everyone else just loves to look at.  Ask and listen.

Secondly, Google maps can help you big time.  The satellite photo above is of the school where I work.  People routinely talk about seeing deer in their yards all along the main road.  This is dead in the center of the west side of Shreveport, LA with a big Wal-Mart not even 2 miles away.  The wood-line you see at the bottom of the photo is not the edge of rural America.  It is simply a big stand of woods that hold lots of deer. A giant 8-point has been witnessed on multiple occasions.

The aerial shots will reveal the narrow wooded sections that “connect the dots” that the deer are using as travel corridors to come and go in the area.  The placement of a feeder and a camera (concealed so someone doesn’t liberate you from it) will give you a precise idea of the size and density of the population you are hunting.

Third, find the folks who see the deer as more of a nuisance than others.  Deer love to munch on the several hundreds of dollars planted in the flower beds out front.  Some owners will gladly let you thin the herd to help save the roses.

Lastly, use wisdom.  Be sure that the laws are on your side.  We live in a very sensitive day and age.  People can and will get offended by the concept of harvesting a deer.  If done correctly and discretely, that never has to happen.  I would recommend your own property first.  If you are using someones property that you either know or have asked permission, try to pick an area of the property that is not easily visible from a road way or the neighbors.

In the video below, a classic suburban hunt takes place on a golf course.  The golfer at the end of the video gives you some idea of just one of the many reactions you might encounter in this endeavor.

Happy Hunting folks!


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