Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dream Hunt 2015

 Dream Hunt Foundation

In the month of October, there were two weekends where my incredible friend, Jeff Warren, took around 30 kids on their dream hunt of a lifetime.  These young people live challenged lives, some of which are on a time-table for when their time on this side of eternity will be over.  The Dream Hunt Foundation fulfills their wish and man is it a powerful thing.

Now understand gang that this isn't your average operation.  Each kid gets a guide and a camera-man to film their hunt.  And boy did they lay some brown on the ground.  One young man even killed two hogs - w00t!

I was bringing an encouraging talk to them just before lunch, so I wanted to get there an hour early and was I ever glad to do that.  Some of them were already coming in from the morning hunt, as I pulled up.  My jaw literally dropped open at seeing what some of these young people were bringing in.  There was an entire horn section and I don't mean an orchestra.  Truly a thing of beauty! Check the slide-show below:

It was a sea of smiles with kids, parents and grandparents all grinning from ear to ear.  I was high-fiving, hugging and hand-slapping complete strangers I was so geeked up.

If they weren't able to shoot one in the morning, no big deal! Lunch was all you could eat BBQ sandwiches, then a little fishing just to relax and then back out for the afternoon hunt.  If a child still didn't convert, Jeff takes them again at a later time.  Amazing right?

One of the hunts was so touching that I wanted to share the video with you.  Little Bryce had to use a Sip/Puff mechanism to make the shot and he was spot on.  Enjoy!

Get you some tissue and watch it again.  But, seriously,  If you would like to help with both Handicapped Outdoors and Dream Hunt, contact me at:

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