Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Louisiana Handicapped Sportsmen

Louisiana Handicapped Sportsmen
Timothy Guillory - Left
This past weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of hunting with the Louisiana Handicapped Sportsmen.  Their President, Timothy Guillory, invited me and a guest to a weekend hunt and it was a true honor to have been invited and to take part.

Although the deer did not cooperate, the weekend was memorable indeed.  I was very impressed with what these men have built in their 20 years of existence as a hunting club for the disabled.

Scott Anderson
Yours Truly On the Range
The land was located in Dodson, LA and consisted of 1900 acres that a timber company owns and has worked out an amazing deal to the group.  Now that is one heck of a lease, especially when you realize that there are only 14 members at present are in this club, more on this in a minute.

There were blinds and stands spread out all through the property and just about all of them looked really good.  I was allowed to occupy the blind known as the West Hilton.  Man was it properly named.  It was in the 8x12 ballpark and looked more like a large shed than a deer blind.  Sliding windows on all sides made it cozy in the face of a cold couple of days.  On top of all of this, there was a cast feeder about 90 yards down one of the 3 lanes visible to the stand and a stand of pine that was some of the best bedding area I have seen in a while.  On the backside of the stand, there was a beautiful bottom area with hard wood.  From this stand, plenty of the other members have taken very nice deer and I have no doubt that in the future, I will overcome my failures of the past weekend.

Louisiana Handicapped Sortsmen
Charlie (seated) and Mitchell Franks
So, here is the cool part. If you live in Louisiana and are disabled, membership is available.  Cost is an unbelievably low $300 per year and each member can have one person to assist them.  Their assistant also gets to hunt.  There is electric and water available and spots are available for additional camp houses.  We stayed in a guest bunkhouse that had all the amenities one needs at a hunting camp.  Contact Timothy Guillory  by email or call him at 318-446-1004 for more information.

On this particular weekend, the group was hosting the Louisiana Hunting for Heroes which is a non-profit for military veterans who struggle with PTSD and other issues from their wartime experiences.  It was such an honor to spend some time hanging out with these guys.  They were extremely helpful to those of us who needed a hand from time to time.


  1. It is with great sadness that I inform my readers of the passing of Charlie Franks pictured in this article. He was a great guy who always had a warm smile on his face and a tenacious hunter. He will be missed!

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