Wednesday, November 11, 2015


In the world of Handicapped Outdoors, we are always on the hunt for a solution to the all-terrain dilemma.  Is there anything out there that can give someone in a wheelchair a true ATV experience?  Something that has power, versatility and ruggedness?  The answer is YES...yes there is.

The RIPCHAIR 3.0 is truly an off road beast.  This is not just another electric wheelchair that might do the job.  This is a gas powered, get you where you need to be, MAN MACHINE!  On top of that, there is no transferring into this thing.  You simply drive your wheelchair right into the bay.  Unreal right?  You get the power of an ATV with the comfort of your actual wheelchair while you hunt, fish or explore.


So let's talk real turkey here.  The RIPCHAIR boasts a twin-cylinder 30 HP Kawasaki engine with a Hydro-static drive that gives the operator amazing control-a-bility (I think I just created a new word maybe).  Because it's gas powered you get the same feel as a 4-wheeler.   With a five gallon tank, you can anticipate approximately 3-4 hours of usage per tank depending on the weight of the operator and the terrain in which you will be maneuvering in.

The frame is made of aerospace aluminum which is lighter than the typical steel used in wheelchair frames of this nature.  This cuts down on the overall weight to a manageable 1250 lbs without the driver in the bay.

There are two versions depending on your disability and level of arm usage.  The standard version is the Paraplegic and as the name implies is designed for those that have use of their arms.  It comes with controls like that of a zero-turn lawn mower and has a top speed of around 10-13 mph.  It's price-point is $34,500.

The second version is called the Quadriplegic and is controlled via a joystick.  Due to the limited mobility in the arms the top speed is still a respectable 8-9 MPH.  The reduction is to give someone that extra second they need to make an adjustment in driving which is nice.  The price is $39,500.

Some standard features that come with the price is LED lights front and rear, a gun rack/fishing rod holder, 2" receiver hitch, a set of tie downs, a fire extinguisher, operators/maintenance manual and tools to place the RIPCHAIR in neutral if you ever needed to tow it for some reason. You can also add some upgrades which can make life a little better like an auxiliary 12 volt electric plugin for cell phones, gps electric blanket, etc, a 5,000 lb winch, D-rings for tying down during transport or extra tow points, and there is even research being done for a snow-plow attachment in the future.

Truly one small step for man and one giant leap for off road mobility.  Thanks to Howe and Howe Tech for dreaming big and delivering even larger!


  1. On a different note, I would like to say, you may get yourself a shower wheelchair too, that makes thing really convenient and easy. Have a friend who has one of those.

  2. They make custom UTV's for the physically challenged. Awesome for the outdoors!

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I will do some research on the BuddyBuggy

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  5. This looks like it could really be fun to open up the outdoors as well as be useful for those that need to maintain a big property. The options available make the Ripchair so versatile I only wish other makers were as forward thinking! I applaud these new inventions for those of us using wheelchairs, but I just wish some of these cool, helpful and life affirming tools weren’t so very expensive!
    I’m unable to work and my (new) wife supports us very well but come on, $39,000+? We can’t afford a honeymoon or a house, let alone pay these prices for “extras” like outdoor toys. I AM happy for those that can buy them, but in my experience, reality smacks the majority of us physically disabled, with chronic pain or not, in the face, it doesn’t give us a warm embrace and tickets to First Class.

    1. Thanks for your post and concern. There are other less expensive options out there below $20,000. Truth is most of the "solutions" for us come at a cost but there are groups that can help you with grants to purchase those much needed items.

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