Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Airbow By Crosman Is A New Generation of Crossbow

The outdoor industry is an ever expanding universe of possibilities and breakthroughs. 2016 is already seeing one new weapon platform that is likely going to revolutionize how we think about archery in the future.  Already there is a robust debate whether crossbows should be viewed as an archery weapon and this week's topic is only going to muddy that water even further.

Pioneer Airbow

Welcome the Pioneer Airbow by Crosman.  It is part air-gun and part crossbow and the results are mind boggling.  Air is injected into a cylinder at a pressure of 3,000 psi.  At this point, the gun is loaded with a crossbow bolt and cocked with a small lever at the rear of the weapon.  Get this, it shoots at a whopping 450 fps and can shoot 8 bolts on the single load of air.  Just wow!!!

With a compact, lightweight bullpup design, the weapon is very easy to cock or de-cock. It will provide disabled hunters much more accessibility to hunt.  No more worrying about reloading and cocking a crossbow.

Crosman is promoting this in the pre-order phase now for $849.  Being such a revolutionary design, it is not legal in all states to hunt with as of yet.  You can check their website for hunting availability in your state.  They even provide an information packet on the site for you to send to your state congressman to get it legalized if it is not already.

Check out Jim Shockey as he demonstrates the power and precision of this new bow as he takes down a mature Bison.

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