Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thoughts For A New Year 2016

 Welcome to 2016!  I am so eager and excited for this new year and the many adventures that will be upcoming.

I always love a fresh start.  A new beginning.  A fresh chapter.  A new year is just that.  It is time to re-think life and make the changes to become the person God has destined you to be.

Here is my list and I invite you to walk with me on this journey if you will.  Anything worth doing is worth doing with others.

1) Think positively - I do this already but there is always room for improvement.  Lot's of people wonder, "Does thinking positive actually help?"  YES! What is your alternative anyway.  Everyone knows that thinking negatively is terrible for a persons psyche.  Outdoorsmen who have physical limitations already have enough to overcome, so keep your mind, outlook and attitude positive.

2) Exercise daily - I am not advocating becoming the Incredible Hulk but a body in motion stays in motion.  Stay as active as you physically can.

3) Eat healthy - Eating clean is a marvelous thing for your body, mind and heart.  The benefits for shopping in God's grocery store is meat with none of the junk that is injected in the meat at the grocery store.  Fruits, vegetables and nuts are awesome.  Replace refined sugar with all natural items like honey, Stevia and coconut sugar.

4) Work hard - Being passionate about what you put your hand to is important.  As men, we derive who we are by what we do most of the time.  Some would say this is bad but I tend to disagree.  Being known for diligence and working hard is a character quality that will bring you favor regardless of economic landscape around you.  People want people who will give of themselves!

5) Stay strong - This isn't referring to the exercise version.  This is about will power.  Staying strong is a mindset.  It is more of a state of being than anything else.  Being mentally tough will give you an edge over lots of others around you.  In today's society, mental weakness and the quitter mentality is everywhere.  When things get tough...persevere, stick it out, be tough!

6) Worry less - Simply defined, worry is wasting of energy on things that will never happen.  It is the imagination gone wild.  It is the birthplace of fear and will keep you from taking chances. Be smart but don't worry.

7) Pray more - Being a believer is as much a part of me as the skin on my body.  Spending more time with the Creator and His Son and His Spirit is fuel to my soul.  Prayer can happen anywhere - at church, in a boat, in the woods, at work.  A life without God is empty.  I want to be full of life, power and the Spirit of the living God.

8) Be happy - I love this last one.  It is seemingly something not in our control but that is a lie.  Happiness is a state of being that you can choose.  Regardless of what life throws at you, regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in, you and you alone can decide whether you are happy or not.  As Phil Robertson says, "Happy, Happy, Happy!"  People might think that is fake but it ain't!  Phil was saying that long before the Duck Dynasty boom and recent fame.

Well, there ya go!  It's a great list of things we can achieve in 2016. Drop me an email and let me know how you are doing on this.  I will keep you posted from my end on the blog.

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