Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fishing Hotspots for the Handicapped

As temperatures warm and our thoughts are turning toward the wonderful world of fishing, finding a good destination when bound to a wheelchair or with limited mobility can be tough.

Fortunately, housing developers have been following a fad for the past 10-20 years that could be just the answer to scratch your fishing itch.  Builders have been creating housing startups with a pond as it's central feature.  Some have even included wonderful sidewalk pathways around the ponds making wheelchair accessibility amazingly easy.

As the fad has ran it's course, builders have attempted to "one-up" the others by adding features such as rocks, bridges, waterfalls, etc.  All of these are fabulous fishing features that give fish the elements that they really like and thrive in.

Most of these ponds were heavily stocked upon creation and after about 5 years contain some truly monster sized fish.  In Florida, I had the pleasure of fishing such ponds and was blown away with not just the size but the variety of what we caught.  It seems that in Florida, people don't like to flush their pet fish.  Instead, they turn them loose in the pond out back. But remember it's Florida, where everything can breed year-round.  So guess what?  That pet Oscar Fish is now 3-5 pounds and has one serious attitude.  We also caught Tilapia using bread that were huge.  It was a tremendous fight using a cane pole and a cork.

Be sure to know a property owner in the development and gain permission before fishing.  I have found this relatively easy to achieve.  Most people will go out of their way to help a disabled outdoorsman.

Check out Kyle Naegeli better known as "The Fish Whisperer".  He is fishing just such a pond.  I love seeing young people outside doing this stuff instead of having their head stuck in their phones.
I am amazed at some of the stuff Kyle has gotten these fish to do.  He has even trained the Bass in one pond to eat out of his hand...amazing!

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