Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Franken-Creature - Fishing Weed-lines

Courtesy of Chris Schneider
I love the thrill of fishing weed lines for bass.  That exciting feeling of knowing that at any moment the water will erupt as a fish explodes through a carpet of vegetation to inhale my bait is truly one of the sheer joys of early summer.

Last Saturday, I was at my favorite pond doing this very activity.  It is not uncommon to see fish moving through the vegetation as they seek something to snack on. I had been noticing this type of activity and began casting a Zoom Super Fluke in a Bluegill Flash color.

True to form, I quickly had a vicious hit but it was short of the bait and didn't take it into it's mouth.  I fired back into the area only a little further in so as to work the Fluke up to where the hit had occurred.  Again, another vicious hit but this time the Leviathan came out of the water after the bait.  Somehow it didn't get the hook for the second straight time.

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The weed line grew out over a little deeper water, so I cast about five yards to the deeper side, making it come get the lure in a little deeper water where the weed-line was beginning to thin.  "Maybe, I will have a better chance at setting the hook out here," I thought to myself.

Without hesitation, this critter began working it's way through the vegetation.  You could see the movement and commotion as it knocked plants aside under the waters surface.  I let the Fluke sit idle as it had the bait zeroed in.

The fish began to make a wake as it drew closer.  Finally, with my heart beating about a million times per second, it exploded on my bait.  I set the hook to the feeling of fabulous weight.  I just knew it was a giant!!
As I began to fight with this thing, it felt odd, as if something wasn't quite right.  I could feel the thrust of a fish from time to time but it felt heavy for the most part and rather rock-like.

I had indeed hooked a giant.  Problem was a giant bullfrog!  About 1-2 pounds to be exact.  The legs were very large and rather edible.  As I sat perplexed as to how I might get this animal off my hook, the diabolical side of me began to fester.  My mind was seething with possibilities.

Sorry for the blur
I love to catch big bass using live-bait.  Why not try it with a giant bullfrog?  Bass like frogs.  Yeah, that's a good idea.  So back in the drink went the frog.  I kept it close enough to the bank for me to see it.  This pond is amazingly clear for Louisiana and you can see down about 3 feet with polarized sunglasses.

The frog was trying desperately to stay down along the bottom.  My job was to bounce it up so big girl could see it.  It didn't take very long.

After about a minute or two of bouncing the frog, a 4-5 pounder came in and crunched this frog.  I knew I could not hook the fish, but just sat there amazed that any fish would have a go at this giant bullfrog.  She quickly let go and did not return.

I pulled the frog out. Bless his heart, he was tired by now.  Somewhere in the distance, the sound of "Taps" could be heard.  I gently unhooked him and said a nice prayer over him.  He sat there huffing and puffing.  Then without any provocation, he rolled over and launched himself about 4 feet back into the weed-line and is likely eating some other enormous meal today.

The Point of the story is to fish weed-lines.  You have no idea what you will catch but there will not be a dull moment.  If you have ever duplicated this and would like to share your story, go to our Facebook Page and leave a post and a pic there!

No frogs were seriously injured during the filming of this article!

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