Tuesday, May 3, 2016

SNORKL for Handicapped Snorkeling

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One of the greatest things anyone can do on the planet is to snorkel in places like Key Largo, Cozumel or anywhere else the water is crystal clear.  In certain months, the Florida pan-handle can even be a great destination and we aren't even touching on a number of lakes in the United States that are also awesome snorkeling destinations.

For disabled and handicapped explorers, snorkeling can also be difficult and sometimes fearful.  The mouth-piece must be kept in your mouth with lips firmly surrounding it making it difficult for some to enjoy this amazing water sport.

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Well, problem solved!  Let me introduce to you a revolutionary mask that makes breathing a cinch for anyone.  It's called the SNORKL.  This mask is a game changer for anyone who has struggled with the traditional mask and mouthpiece.  The outer gasket fits snugly to your entire face allowing you to breath normally inside the mask.  On top of that, the patented way the air is brought into the mask and expelled, leaves the mask virtually fog free.

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One of the biggest problems to disabled snorkelers face is water getting into the tube.  The SNORKL has another wonderful breakthrough by placing a floating ball system inside the tube that makes it impossible for water to enter the tube when you either dive down or accidentally go under the water line.  As you come back and break the water's surface, the ball goes down and allows you to breathe freely again with no water in your mouth - AWESOME!

They even have a mask that a GoPro can mount to so you can record your adventures.

Check out this video:

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