Thursday, July 28, 2016

Desire = The X-Factor

"Whether a man thinks he can or cannot - he is exactly right!"  - Henry Ford

How is your outlook?
There is no doubt that your outlook affects your outcome.  The outdoors is a tough wild place that is unforgiving and not easy to overcome. It's tough enough all by itself and then you multiply it with a physical handicap or disability or age and it can seem an impossible challenge.  However, your inner desire to remain out there is about as big as Mt. Everest in determining your success.  This weeks article is a break from the norm by design.  Sometimes we all need to hear the call to bravery, courage, and faith.

Where there is a will...

Is your heart free?
Put simply, I will not accept that my days in the sun are over.  My body may have succumbed to a wheelchair but my heart is still free and so is yours!  If you have begun to believe the lie that your outdoors passion is over, then STOP IT!  Stop it right now.  Get into a mirror and give yourself a big 'ole pep-talk.  One thing I have learned in life is that whatever you set your mind to can be achieved.  It may take some extra time, planning, and determination but it still can be achieved nonetheless.  Your desire to continue, to last, to go beyond what you believe you can do is a major reason for living.  It gives you vitality. It compels you to keep on going and not give up...ever!

Seek the help you need...

In addition to extra time, planning and determination, you are going to likely need help. I have found that people really want to see me continue fishing and hunting and will go to great lengths to aid me in my quest.  People have graciously granted me access to their ponds and land.  Some have invited me to hunt with them and it was a great time on each and every occasion.  Multiple people have aided in fabricating things that assist me in hunting from a wheelchair.  In short, don't be prideful.  Pride is like a dam, it holds stuff up and doesn't allow things to flow naturally.  Although it's never fun to have to admit when you can't do something, it's even less fun to give up an entire area of your life simply because you won't humble yourself and ask for help.  This is stinking thinking.  It hurts nobody else but you.  Let it go!

Share your success...

You may not think of yourself as influential, but you have more influence than you know.  Social media allows everyone to be a writer of sorts.  Post your pics and your stories of adventure, your successes and your failures (more on this in a minute).  What you do matters!  You may be the kick in the seat someone else needs to re-engage in their journey.  Don't be afraid of being an inspiration to others.

Laugh at yourself...

Laugh at yourself, it helps!
Having a physical disability or handicap can be tough, I know.  No, I really know!  But ease up.  Don't slime everyone else around you.  By learning to giggle at your situation, you will cause others to feel at ease and want to be around you.  Case in point, last week I was out with my buddy Kyle.  We were prepping a site for deer season.  My wheelchair got so stuck in very tall grass that it popped the breaker on the chair.  I could've gotten all weird and panicky.  I mean, we were stuck and it was getting pretty dark. But, what good would that have done?  It would have only made Kyle nervous and not be able to get me unstuck.  Just LAUGH!  It's life.  It's not perfect but it sure is fun.  I called my wheelchair tech and with a minor flip of a switch we were back up and running.  We laughed all the way home about that moment and told others for several days afterwards.  Just as easily, I could have lost a hunting partner by being dramatic. Your failures will help endear people to you more than your successes ever could.  In the end, it's your choice of how you handle unforeseen obstacles.

I hope you have been encouraged by this piece.  I hope that in some way these words placed together have kindled a fire inside of you, stirred your heart, reminded you of the hunger you have for adventure.  It's out there.  The real question is: Are you?

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