Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Handicapped Fishing Helper - Bait Cloud

For decades, salt-water fisherman have known the power of the chum block.  You pull up on a fish rich sight, stick the block in the water and within minutes, there is a bevy of ever increasing activity behind the boat.  Using small predator fish parts attracts large predator fish.  It's nature at its best.

With the exception of die hard cat-fisherman, the fresh water angler has long been left out of this natural food chain process of attracting target species to the boat or the bank.  But that is a dilemma of the past.  The Bait Cloud is a fizzing ball of natural attractants.  The early reviews are very promising and I cannot wait to try this out.

You take the type of Bait Cloud Ball that matches your target species.  Throw it in the pond or lake and begin fishing the spot where it hits the bottom.  The fizzing elements causes the fish attracting ingredients to permeate the entire water column from the bottom to the surface.

This product looks promising to help people with disabilities be successful in catching instead of just fishing.  particularly those confined to bank fishing.  Have a number of nice fish come to your area is much more desirable than attempting to chase the fish all over a pond or a lake in a wheelchair.

Check out the video below and give it a try:


  1. There are some that offer them premade, while some other uncommon merchants redo them themselves.

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