Wednesday, October 26, 2016

No Flame Heat Source for Wheel-chaired Hunters and Anglers

I want to thank all of you for giving me some time off and allowing me to hunt.  I already have one meat doe in the freezer and am looking for another.  I am also chasing after that bruiser with Antlers.

Recently, a follower of Handicapped Outdoors posted on our Facebook page asking if I knew of any ideas for someone trying to stay warm in a deer blind who is using Oxygen all the time?  The mainstay propane heater is out of this equation due to the open flame in close proximity to an oxygen tank.  I gathered some information for a solution and wanted to share it with all of you!

First I want to give a big shout out to Mike Kennedy for asking this question.  My best articles are often from you the readers.  ALWAYS contact me if you have an interesting question or idea!  It's what makes us go.

First of all, there are batteries you can purchase that will allow you to do what I am suggesting without a power wheelchair.  However, there are many of you who are in the same situation as I, which is in a power chair.  This is actually an advantage in this scenario but can be easily overcome by those of you in a manual style chair also.

Power2Go Adapter
First of all, we are sitting directly over two very good power sources.  The batteries on modern power wheelchairs are long lasting and highly dependable.  The typical charge depending on weight and type of terrain can last almost two full days in the early life of these batteries.

There is a company called Broadened Horizons that makes a plugin that enables you to extract energy from the battery and gives you a connector like the cigarette lighter in your car, truck or van.  This is step one.  The Power2Go connector costs about $250.

If this price-tag is simply outside of your comfort zone, some people have added a standard 3-pronged plugin directly from one of the batteries on their chair to power anything calling for 12 volts. This may void the warranty on your chair.  I am not sure anyone wants to do that on a power chair that can run in the upper $20,000 range.

Next you can pick up a simple plugin from Amazon that will convert the electricity from your batteries to usable energy to the electric blanket or heater.

The unit can range depending how much energy you are wanting to use, so be diligent to get the right plugin for your needs.   The unit pictured costs $30.

Through this setup, you can charge a cellphone, power a blanket, a small heater or anything else that runs on a 12v/110 connection.

Be careful not to exceed what your batteries can put out.  I am no electrician, but anytime you try to use more than can be given, it usually trips a breaker or shuts down.