Saturday, January 28, 2017

Emergency Power from Solar Bank

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There is nothing like being out in the field or on the water and suddenly the realization hits you that your phone is near death.  Phones have become our tether to safety in the event of anything unfortunate happening while we are on our adventures.

Recently, my wife shot me a link to a new incredible gadget that can provide for you an emergency amount of power to charge that dying phone or if you are into recording your actions, a GoPro or it's equivalent.  It is called the Solar Power Bank.

That is right!  It's solar based, meaning as long as our closest star is pumping out radiation it will work.  It is a very simple, clean design that delivers a constant power backup to charge the pesky dying cell phone.

Cost is at a great price-point also.  At $18 per unit, you can pick multiples to keep with different gear and not have to think about packing it.  You almost cannot afford not to have one around.

Just by walking with it exposed to the sun will give multiple charges if necessary throughout the course of another epic day in the field or on the water.  The peace of mind that a device like this can bring you is worth gold.  Just  knowing that you will remain in connection with those that truly need to know your whereabouts and your estimated time of arrival back home is priceless.  For everyone else, you can still say your phone was dying and you will only be lying a little.

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