Sunday, April 30, 2017

Deeper Sonar - For the bank fisherman

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I am always on the lookout for truly breakthrough, game-changing gadgets that make a fisherman or hunter's quest more successful.  This week's article is on just such a device.  The Deeper Sonar is a true game-changer for the bank fisherman.  What used to be strictly a feature for boat enthusiast can now be experienced from the bank.
Deeper Sonar
Courtesy of Deeper Sonar
This glorious ball can be cast out from a rod and reel and then sends images back to your phone via wifi/Bluetooth.  So, now the guy or gal on the bank or at your favorite pond can target those crucial anomalies that hold many fish or monster fish.

Deeper Sonar
Courtesy of Deeper Sonar
Not only a sonar but it also boast a GPS device so that you're also mapping an area instead of just getting a picture of the bottom of your favorite piece of water.  It has a staggering range of 260 ft max depth and can be cast to great distances using a standard rod and reel.  The range of the wifi is also 260 ft for data transmission back to your phone.

An app is downloaded to your mobile device that allows the Deeper Sonar to communicate with your phone and gives easy to read information about depth, structure, and even water temperature.

There are two models at the time of this article.  The standard model is priced around $119.99 while the Pro+ Model is priced at $233.99 on Amazon.

Check out the video:


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