Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Incredible Senses of Deer

I absolutely love it when readers of the blog reach out and share stuff that is amazing.  Recently John Lewis shot me an email with one of the neatest infographics I have laid eyes on for Deer.  He offered to write up the intro and this is his guest article.  Be sure to shower the love on him in the comments section below!

 - John Lewis - Author

When hunters hunt for deer, a lot of us face the same problem; trying to outsmart them. Most of the time, hunters are able to spot one but trying to get close to it? Chances are most of the time; it will run away before we even get close to it. It’s not necessarily that their senses are better than ours; it’s just that they are different and simply much more developed than ours.

Deer have to rely on their senses in order to survive and hence, that is why they are active in focusing on their surroundings for any future attacks. How are bucks able to dodge arrows quick enough? How can whitetails smell us even from miles away? An image can speak a thousand words; Epic Wilderness has made an infographic that helps us to explore the wonders of deer’s senses.

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